Flight-Information and Management System

Flight-Information and Management System FIMaS offers highly integrated tools to support the different teams in your company in the fields of flight operations, crewing and training, sales and maintenance.


Always keep track of your fleet, manage your orders, flights and inquiries. Sophisticated display options facilitate your daily work in the operations department while important informations are constantly updated and readily available with just a few clicks.


The extensive price- and report system allows for fast creation and dispatch of offers to your customers. The required documents for your fleet are simultaneously generated and made available by the software.

Inquiry Management

FIMaS comes with an integrated ticket system for charter inquiries which facilitates your communication with the customers. Furthermore, due to the seamless integration of the offer preparation, offers can be sent out without delay.

Crew Planning

Both short- and long term planning of your crews becomes an easy task in FIMaS. Rosters, flight and rotation scheduling are integrated by default as well as duty- and resttime management for the most common legal bases. Even special appointments like vacation, training and medical can be taken into account.

Crew Training

Keep track of the training status of your crews and stay informed about current or expiring trainings which need to be renewed. FIMaS supports you before and after the event by facilitating the planning and management process.


Mainenance planning is easy with FIMaS because other modules constantly update the database including all required data of your fleet. Flight hours, takeoffs and landings, planned and unplanned AOGs, maintenance - FIMaS always keeps you up to date.

Data Protection & Privacy

Data security and privacy are two of our primary concerns. Therefore, FIMaS does not use a cloud-based infrastructure but is being hosted within your internal company network on one of your servers. This concept ensures the greatest possible security for your data which never leaves your company and does not rely on external providers.

Of course we will accompany and support you while setting up your FIMaS version.